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In A•S Law we recognize the speciality of the sportive world and the importance of proper advice in all areas of law and tax. The image of a club or the career of an athlete can suffer and a proper advice is required to avoid risks and to protect their main activities.

A·S Law offers to its clients knowledge and resources to meet their needs, with personalized attention to Clubs / SAD, Players (professionals, amateurs), Coaches, Agents, Professional Leagues, Federations, Referees, Judges and Competition Committee, Sports Foundations and Sponsors, among others.

We are pleased to help you reaching the sky. It is the magic of risking everything for a dream that only you can see and we can share.

Angel Chavarría Romero
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Our services are oriented to the specific law of sports organizations, analyzing their structure as a club and / or SAD to meet the regulatory requirements of the competition. We provide advice, as well, in merger and acquisitions processes.

We also include advice to sports organizations (federations, clubs, SAD) in their electoral processes to elect new representative bodies.

Our professional are ready to help your organization to meet the economic control rules or even to provide you advice with everything related to anti-violence rules compliance, both inside and outside the sports arena.


Based on the particular business that the client requires, we study, advise, negotiate and draft the necessary documents to reach the most satisfactory solution in the following matters:

Transfers / Assignments
Copyrights, Audio-Visual and Image Rights
Marketing and branding issues


The tax effect of contracts made by players, sports entities and sponsors is very important. We advise, report and manage the fulfilment of tax obligations, providing an expert and specialized tax advice to select the best and most efficient option in all types of taxes (VAT, income tax, corporate tax ...) covering national and international implications.


A·S Law advices clients on the options available and work to resolve their disputes in the most efficient manner. 

We provides advice and defends the interests of our clients in proceedings of any kind (labour, sport, doping, administrative, commercial, civil, criminal, liability claims) in all kinds of jurisdictions and levels (CAS, CAS-CAS, Football Arbitration Tribunal, Labour and Commercial Court).


We pay special attention to this area to contestation and defence of the sports federation sanction agreements, providing legal representation and defence from the outset, with the request for injunctions in sports, administrative and arbitration procedures.